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And no I do not mean literally. I am embarking on a scary prospect. I have decided to quit smoking on Feb 14. According to Dr. Oz I have to make a list of why I like to smoke and why I want to quit smoking.

Let's start off with the history of me smoking. I started smoking as a freshman in highschool - 15 years old. The reason for smoking, the typical common, peer pressure & rebellion against the parental units. My mother caught me smoking countless times over the highschool years and I just kept on smoking to piss her off, ya I know it was a stupid reason to smoke but at the time it was the fact that she could not control my every action. Lets fast forward 13 years to today....I have retired the Marlboro lights and moved on the Cowboy killers, Marlboro Reds and the occasional Mild Menthols. I smoke about a pack and a half a day, its a bad habit. So here are my reasons that i like to smoke.

1. I like to light up first thing in the morning with my cup of coffee and wake up - its my daily morning routine.

2. I like to smoke after I eat, I have no idea why I do, but I do.

3. I like the taste of marlboro reds, I have tried switching to lights & kallays menthols, but it is just not the same.

4. I like to smoke after getting off, its like a nice little chaser after I do the deed.

5. My last reason why I like to smoke, because I can, haha.

Ok, so these are probably the most retarded reasons to smoke, but there they are. I know that I am an addict, I can admit it, and isn't admitting that you have a problem the first step to recovery? All I can say is that at least I am not addicted to crack or something serious like that. So here are my reasons why I want to quit!

1. I do not want lung cancer or emphysema by the time I am 40.

2. I do not want to look 45 when I am 35.

3. I do not want to be out of breath just from running up 3 flights of stairs to the condo I live in.

4. I want to quit smoking so that I will save the $120 a month, which could buy me two pairs of Manolo Blaniks in a year.

5. I do not want my clothes, house, & car to smell like smoke anymore.

6. My cats, Kallays cats & hercules will be heathier from living in a smoke free enviroment.

7. I will be able to taste & smell better.

8. I won't have smoker cough in the mornings anymore.

9. I won't have to constantly empty dirty ashtrays.

10. I want to be HEALTHY!!!!!

So folks, there are my retarded reasons for the love of my smoky treats and the realistic reasons of wanting to quit. Hope you enjoyed. I plan to post blog after blog of my progress with quitting smoking, mabye this will give me the out I need to make me smoke free. Hope you enjoyed it.


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