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I have been watching an interesting dance over the last six months, its called pretend friends. A very close friend of mine is being used by her pretend friends. I keep telling her to drop the pretend friends and she does not cause this one friend (the pretends are a couple) once upon a time was her best friend, but as everyone knows, people change and grow apart and what once was does not always last. I have watched as the pretends have cajoled, guilted, and plain bitched to get their way, and eventually they wear my friend down and she gives in to the demands they are asking of her. I personally think it is absolutely childish and mean, but how do you let go of someone you previously had so much in common with. It is worse breaking up with a friend than it is with a boyfriend, because friends are for life as they say. The pretends refuse to help her out in a time of need, but rely on her when it is convienent for them and then they talk smack behind her back, its annoying, petty, and cheap to purposfully try and ruin what little happiness is in her life. And that is what they do for no reason that I can discern, so the purpose of this blog is for everyone I know that reads this to try and evaluate their friendships and make sure this is not happening to you. The only thing that I know to do is walk away and stop being friends with the pretends.


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Hello all and welcome to What the Blog! I am Teresa, or iTeresa, due to the many i products that I have. I blog for one reason, because something happened that I feel should be shared with the world, so go ahead, laugh, giggle, cry, &; scream at the insanity of my life, because once its all said and done...What the Blog!

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