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Today is Wednesday and damn does it feel like a Monday. Can we just say the shit has hit the fan. My roommate is being blackmailed by FA & Hubby Inc., I just found out that we might lose our funding with one of our companies, I have talked to everyone and their mother today, had to drive all the way down to Savannah (that was a good meeting - sold a site, YEAH), drove back to hilton head, went to walmart, and now am dealing with my mother and the funding guy arguing like they have been married for 20 years on the phone......

It all started about 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon. FA & Hubby Inc. sent a nasty email to Kal Kal and basically said if she did not pay them $100 (what they think she owes them but was actually a gift to her) then they were going to tell some bullshit story to her boyfriend, well she of course ignored the email, what with it being blackmail and all. 10 minutes later she gets another email from FA and Hubby Inc saying that they told her boyfriend this story and that he deserved to know, blah blah blah. Anyways then FA & Hubby Inc. called and left some inane message on voice mail that asking when they can come by and pick up that money. Needless to say Kal Kal sat on pins and needles all night, wondering when the ball was going to drop. Well it did drop, about 1:30am in the morning....Oh what fun that was. Drunk Ed and upset Kal Kal, him accusing and her defending, some chain smoking and pacing involved. I, of course, cannot help or console Kal since she is on the phone, Matt & I finish watching a movie that had been started about 11:30, and head to bed at 2am, since he does have to be up at 5am to head back to beafort to be on base by 6:30am.

5am....3 ittty biity hours later....the worse sound in the world....the fucking alarm clock is going off, I want to shoot it, but cannot since I do not own a gun. Matt got up and went to work, blessed quite.....until Kal comes in and I find out shes been up all night, and finished off a bottle of champagne, haha. She talks to me for a few minutes as I doze off again, and finally lays down and goes to sleep. 8am...3 more hours later, phone rings, not mine, its Kal Kals, and then she has to explain everything to Michael, oh god, will she ever stop talking? I hide under the pillows, trying to pretend she is the tv, it doesn't work, finally she gets off the phone and I sleep for another 1/2 hour or so and get up. Time to get to work and get on with the day.

So I get up, talk to my mom like 6 times in an hour, do some database work, realize my call centers are fucking idiots again and then rush to get ready to drive down to Savannah for this meeting that I have to get to. I am running late, of fucking course, and then I get stuck behind every slow driver on the 45 min drived down there. It takes me an hour and 15 minutes to get there and then I have to figure out where I am going. Finally I make it to Starbucks and meet up with R - I have to say it was an awesome meeting and I walked away happy. Maybe the day is going to get better after all. I head back to Hilton Head and hit Walmart to get a new baking dish since FA & Hubby Inc. happen to have mine from Christmas, I figure I will never get this back so its time to get a new one.

Finally I get back home and OMG the other shoe drops, with a frantic call from my mother/boss that our funding may run out, be prepared. All I can say is What the Fuck, I am gone 4 hours and all hell breaks loose. So we get RM on the phone at 4:45 to get this shit worked out. Number 1, my mother is off the happy pills, and even though she says its not affecting her not being on them, guess what it is. I say about 50 million times during the conversation that they both need to calm down and be rational, we discuss business (or I atempt to as I am stuck in the middle of their petty fighting), we discuss cash conversion, and graphs, and taxes, and all that bs. They start yelling again and I tell them that communication is the key, that we are getting no where with arguing, finally they both calm down and we get the issues worked out, we continue to have funding and the world tilts back the way it needs to be to have a happy business relationship, or play the game as my mother says.

Finally I am off the phone and am wondering what else is going to happy today, cause surely it is not Wednesday, it has to be Monday....


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