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Hey all I just wanted to put this out there for everyone who works in or eats out at a restaurant to read. First off I want everyone who does not work in a restaurant to know this - servers, waitresses, etc... only get paid 2.13 per hour to wait tables, we depend and live off of our tips, not our pay checks. We also are required to tip out the bussers, food runners, & bartenders who make our drinks, clear our tables, and run your food to you. So when you tip 10% of your check to us after we run our asses off for you, bring your food on time and get each little extra for you it makes us want to smack you in the face for leaving such a shitty tip. If you cannot afford to tip your server more than 10% then dont go out and eat, it is not worth our time and effort to serve someone who does not appericate it. The correct amount to tip is 15% to 20% of your check depending on how good the service was and how quickly your server took care of you. If you have a problem with the service you recieve then you need to say something to your server and also need to say something to the manger of the restaurant to correct whatever the problem was, as opposed to stiffing someone on a tip. Also to all you diners & dashers, when you walk out on your check it does not come out of the restaurant it comes out of the servers pocket, so dont dine & dash, we will remember you the next time we see you wherever that may be. If anyone has any thoughts on this or would like to add to my blog, please comment. Thanks

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