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There is something that I have been noticing lately. Im curious about it, since I posted some updated pics of myself, I have noticed that random guys have been messaging and emailing me, not to get to know me, not to say hi, but to see if im "busy tonight", what the hell is up with that. Why do men think that pretty girls (and yes I think Im pretty) are gonna be their next piece of ass, and that "Oh My God - Ive been waiting my whole life for you". I want all you guys out there to know, that it is sick and disgusting when you write to someone you dont know and ask what their wearing or if they want to hook up with you, but have no idea who you are. A piece of advice to everyone out there visiting my profile, if you are visiting my page cause you think its interesting, cool, if your visiting cause you want to get to know me, cool, if your visiting cause you think im a hateful bitch, cool, but if you are visiting cause you think you have some kind of chance fucking me, then go fuck yourself its never gonna happen, so dont bother writing to me.

Anyone who agrees with me, let me know, and if you dont agree, let me know,


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Hello all and welcome to What the Blog! I am Teresa, or iTeresa, due to the many i products that I have. I blog for one reason, because something happened that I feel should be shared with the world, so go ahead, laugh, giggle, cry, &; scream at the insanity of my life, because once its all said and done...What the Blog!

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