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I feel as if we are on the brink of another dark ages. I don't think technology will be lost or anything as drastic as what happened when the Roman Empire fell but I do to an extent think that our very way of life in America is about to drastically change and I don't think it is a good change.

I know all about bad change, what with all I went though last year finding out I had MG and two subsequent surgeries to help with my symptoms, and now I am trying to eek out some kind of normalcy. It is not working. I have realized today how much I absolutely hate myself. I know its pretty fucking harsh, but I do. I hate everything I have physically lost, I want to know why I have such a fucked up disease, I am sick and tired all the time but look normal on the outside so I must not be that fucking sick. I spent NYE in the ER because I really am always fucking sick.

Now I look at the disease that has descended on the American political scene and wonder is it even worth it anymore? A President who isn't willing to give up his business while in office, who is appointing his children to positions with no political background or experience, no more ethics board to govern Congress and Senate and best of all a VP who gets in if our President is impeached would strip women of their rights. A man who believes in Creationism, who doesn't believe in birth control or abortions (even to save the mothers life) and thinks electric shock therapy will cure homosexuals.

What have we become??? What is the fucking point in this. Why am I fighting so hard, and what for? This is not the world I want to be in and this is not the body I want to have. I sit and contemplate how easy it would be to just end it all because what is worth all this headache, heartache, and disappointment day after day after day after day.

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