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Last March I was diagnosed with an incurable autoimmune disorder, called Myasthenia Gravis and I honestly thought the days leading up to this diagnosis were the worst of my life. The day I got diagnosed was a relief, but the days afterward, learning about my new limitations and what I could no longer do were awful. I would give anything for those days back today.

Two weeks ago, I excitedly and proudly cast my vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton, I truly believed in her message and really thought she would be the next president of the United States. Last night I fell asleep watching the election coverage on my iPad in bed and at 445 this morning woke up with CNN still streaming, and then I saw it.... I saw that Donald Trump had won instead. I have been in a state of shock since. I have been crying off and on all day and thankfully managed to get through work today.

I researched possibly moving to Canada, but my company is not currently doing any transfers to Canada, and would they really take me in having a chronic illness? So I am obviously staying in America, although not the one I grew up in. I grew up in an America that believed in progress and diverse cultures. Our new America believes in hate, bigotry, racism, discrimination, and misogyny, or I should say 1/2 of our nation believes in this along side President Elect Trump. If they have always believed this way then they hid it well, but it is now out in the open for all to know.

I am a straight white woman of Italian descent, my family came here about 100 years ago and now i wonder, is it time for us to leave? My biggest fear is that I am a woman and it is now ok for sexually predatory behavior (this is what our President Elect said), but what about my Black friends, Latino friends, my Muslim friends, my Jewish friends, my Lesbian friends, my Gay friends and my Trans friends? What about them? Are they all going to be "deported" or put into "camps" because of their faith or who they fundamentally are? Who will he attack next? Catholics? Will I end up in the same place as my diverse friends?

I understand I have to accept the results of this election, I understand that is what sets us apart, a peaceful transition of power and I will just not today. Instead, today I weep for the country we were, the country that had so much potential, the country we should be and the country we could have been.

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