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There is so much I want to say and this is an extremely difficult post for me to write. I love writing, it is a passion of mine that I no longer indulge in on a regular basis. The title of this post "Runaway Trains" is how I feel. I feel like we as a country, the United States is on a train that has lost control and will shortly implode. I don't want to offend anyone but to include all. This is not realistic and I have a few things to say and hopefully the people I do inadvertently offend can find forgiveness in their hearts.

Over the last year I have watched in horror as seventeen Republican Presidential hopefuls dwindled down to one. A man I never really "liked" but thought was an amusing on the Apprentice. I used to watch weekly with my mother and we like many millions across America would cackle and laugh when he would bang his hand on the conference room table and yell "You're Fired" pointing at the contestant on the chopping block for that episode. It never dawned on me this man could one day be the major Republican party nominee for President of the United States.

I was horrified the day he called Mexican immigrants rapists, shocked when he said to ban Muslims, I could not believe he called POWs losers or that he would publicly mock a disabled reporter. I wondered when enough would be enough after all the times he made fun of and made derogatory remarks about women he didn't like, I thought after he said an American Judge wasn't impartial because of his Mexican heritage, but it wasn't, just like saying women should be punished for abortion hasn't been enough. He described in detail sexual assault to unsuspecting women because he is famous and it is OK in his mind because he is famous, yet people still believe in him, and are in fact voting for him. This is a man who encouraged espionage from Russia, who asked why we can't just "nuke" ISIS and who also said it is OK to torture and kill innocent women and children in Muslim countries.

I know why you are voting for him, you want change, you want your jobs back, you think he is going to STOP abortion in America, you think you will have back something you used to have OR a dream of something you think should be. "Make America Great Again" is a lie, it is turning back time before there were equal rights, where women were home and men worked. We have progressed from this America, there is no going back to the past, there is only the future. If you want your jobs back, then lets start with Mr. Trump, perhaps he should have ALL of his products produced in America, instead of China effectively bringing millions of jobs to America, but he won't since he makes a higher profit and pays less taxes over there.

Conservative Christians, I know why you are voting for him, you don't want any more babies "killed", you don't want other religions influencing or moving in on what you believe to be your culture. I want to remind you Christians you would have NO religion if it wasn't for the Roman Catholic church you all seem to despise. If it wasn't for the Romans spreading Christianity throughout Europe you would be Pagan, Buddist, Jewish, or

wait for it

Muslim.... Let that sink into your brains. Change is bound to happen one way or another but ultimately, it has benefited you whether or not you've realized it.

This year I have seen countless articles on both Clinton and Trump, many disturbing, many truthful and many not. I have had to dig through vitriol and rhetoric to find the real story and source to figure out what is actually going on. I took the time to do this to make an informed decision. What dismays me is when I post my opinion, as a statement I wrote or as a meme, I am attacked. I am told to "leave", I am told I am lazy, wanting nothing but government assistance, I am told I am a murder, I am told I am wrong.

I am an American with a rich Italian heritage, I have a RIGHT to my opinion, I have a RIGHT to make my own choices. I have a RIGHT to practice any religion I want. I have a RIGHT to purse life, liberty, and happiness. I have a RIGHT to fully believe in the candidate of my choice, I stand behind that candidate and fully believe in her. While you may not agree with me, and I know many of you do not, it is my choice, my right. When we give up our rights we lose ourselves and then we will lose our country. I am America.


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