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I am shocked at all the hate that is in the news lately.  I believe that everyone has a right to their opinion, but when that opinion discriminates against an entire class of citizens, it becomes hate.  This hate is promoted by "Christians".

I grew up with a very strict Catholic background.  We went to church every Sunday, I took my first communion when I was 7 or 8, I went to Catechism, and when I was in high school I participated in the Catholic youth group.  We did not learn to hate others who did not share our views, or conform to our beliefs. We were taught to respect others for their differences and to appreciate the opportunity to be an American and have the right to express our opinions through freedom of speech. 

People use "freedom of speech" today to hate one another, they use it to discriminate against each other, and they do so in Gods name.  I realize this has been going on since the concept of religion, I get that, but have we not evolved enough to get past this?  People wonder what is wrong with our country and everyone blames someone else, no one takes responsibility for what they've done wrong.  The right blames the left and left blames the right.....

A novel idea, how about instead of throwing blame, they actually compromise to come up with a solution to the problems...What happened to separation of Church and State, it apparently is no longer separated, since religion is a huge determining factor in politics anymore.  Using religion to spread hate goes against everything I was taught as a child.  "God" (and I write that because I believe in God, but if you believe in someone or something else, more power to you) created us and he created us to be different from one another. 

Although, we are similar in many ways, we are fundamentally different.  We have different beliefs, we look different, we dress differently, we speak differently, and we have different cultures and backgrounds.  Yet there are those of us who don't embrace what God created, our differences, they instead fear these differences.  They spread their fear around by hating those who are different, they are racist and discriminate because they cannot accept those differences. 

I say embrace them, I say stop all the hate being preached under the guise of religion.  God did not create us to stand alone, he created us to stand together with each other, to love thy brother and neighbor, to be equal in his eyes and ours.

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Anonymous said... August 02, 2012  

Agreed!! I love and welcome diversity in ALL forms, except for mean ones! I am so tired of hate religion and the way they teach hate like its the RIGHT thing.
IMHO that contradicts their beliefs of love one another. But, I'm just on the outside looking in. I don't run with haters.

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