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I suck at blogging anymore...I have been working two jobs, reading alot, and kind of ignoring my computers...If I have any fans left, thank you for sticking in there with my very sporadic posts this last year, but I promise I will be better this year. So whats been going on with me? Tons and tons of stuff....like work, and home life, and me contemplating on going back to school, and more snow in the last two months than I have seen in all the winters of my adult life combined. So like always I have to break it down and post in bits and pieces otherwise this will be some kind of a ramble blog from hell.

Lets talk about snow...

So we all know I work in the rat-race corporate world of retail..fun..fun..I do like my job, I like helping people out, but what I don't understand is that when they call for snow in East Tennessee, the masses think they absolutely need to go shopping and stock up on items from Bed Bath & Beyond (which will be referred to as BBB for the duration of this post). I get hitting the grocery store, walmart, gas stations, and what not, but there is nothing, not one iota of stuff that BBB sells that is a basic necessity to surviving a couple of days snow bound, not one thing. But call for snow and we are packed like the day after Thanksgiving or Christmas.

The best part of this is when the Department of Transportation states on every news and weather channel that road conditions are hazardous and not to drive unless absolutely necessary, people actually risk their lives and come to our store...what is wrong with you people?? Don't you understand they don't post warnings like that unless there really is an issue with the roads? We had 6 inches of snow about a week ago, and since I live a mile from work and drive a 4x4 SUV went to work since corporate doesn't allow us to shut down (not in TN anyways, but in NJ where they get snow all the time, they shut down two days later from the same storm system), customers actually called to ask if we were going to open, even though TN had declared a state of emergency. Seriously people? There is NOTHING in our store that you need to survive, but could easily kill yourself because you think you need to get some stupid leftover clearance item from Christmas. Personally if I did not have to leave my house to go to work, I would not have, 4x4 or not, its just not worth risking my life to go shopping on bad back roads in a city that is running out of salt and gravel to keep up with all the bad weather we've had this year.

And for all of you who think it is necessary to go out in weather that is bad, if you must do it, how about slowing down and driving an appropriate speed for the weather instead of being the idiot sliding off the road or sliding into someone who is driving at a slow speed.

Thats all I have for now...
Till next time

They are calling for more snow tomorrow night, can't wait to see how this is going to play out now...

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