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By iTeresa

A month of crazy with everyone I know.  Seriously everyone I know has some weird ass shiz going on and I just don't get it, so personally nothing is actually happening to me, but my entire realm of friends & family is having some major shiz go down, which in turn actually means i am indirectly involved.  Its so freaking weird.

So I am going to kind of just do a quick list type deal of whats been happening....

My sister is leaving her finance, yep the one who treated her so well, who just spent a ton of money replacing her floors, also cheated on her, while she is 8 1/2 months pregnant and not a one time deal.  Man oh man am I proud of her for standing up for herself & leaving him, but man oh man, her & her two demon dogs will be staying with me for a short while till we the finish the deal on a townhouse down the road from me for her.  Its close for a reason, because she doesn't drive, but I have a feeling the coming weeks are going to be even more intense than what they are now.

My best friend in FL is dealing with shiz like nobodies business, shes overworked, underpaid, her grandmother has had 2 stokes in the past year & now has breast cancer.  I love her with all my heart and just want her life to go smooth and easy and its not.

My other best friend in SC is trying to buy a house, thinking it was going to close over a week ago, hasn't because the mortgage company eff'd up, and is now living out of boxes, thankfully my trip to hilton head has been delayed due to money issues (although I freaking hate not having money for basic necessities like weekends on the beach :)) and living out of the packed boxes....I smell a lawsuit coming up against a certain mortgage company.

My cousin is dealing with her 3 kids, a cheating lying drug addict husband, unfortunately she decided to give hers another chance for redemption.....Oh lord is all I can say to that.....maybe a shallow grave in an undisclosed location would be the best for that situation....

My ma is going through the "pause" and thinks something is wrong with her, but won't go to a doc because she has to worry about my sis & soon to be here granddaughter....

Oh ya and I got hit with a $15k judgment for a bad business deal from 3 years ago and am going to have to file bankruptcy...So ya I guess there is some personal shiz of mine going on as well, anyways thats what I've been dealing with, its been once again another crazy month, maybe after the first half of the year is over the 2nd half will be smooth sailing and sunny skies.....One can only hope...

For now my new motto is "Karma's a Bitch and So Am I, we're both going to get you.

Till next time,


Anonymous said... May 25, 2010  

I hope things get better for you & your loved ones!

They are already looking up, thanks for the continued reading & encouragement :)

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