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Well 2010 is here and what a year 2009 has been.  Many things have changed for me this past year and now I am starting a new journey.

Just a quick recap of the past year:

I turned 29...no milestone by anyones standards, but the big 30 was looming closer.  I got a great birthday present from my best friends in Florida, a surprise plane ticket to Tampa to go see Karrisa & Andrea, courtesy of Andrea, a double birthday present for me & Karrisa (her birthday is on Feb 14, Valentines Day), I was supposed to be a surprise to Karrisa, but she saw the email with the plane ticket confirmation in it :) oh well....

Went to Tampa for 4 beautiful sunshine filled days.  We went to the FL state fair, the beach, saw the opening premiere of Corroline, Fantastic Movie & Book, and the International Mall.  It was perfect and fantastic.  Then I had to fly back to TN, back to cold weather and a tree falling on my truck a week later causing 6k in damages.  Thank God for car insurance, and a deductible of only $500.  I also started work with Cloud 10 Corp, working as an inbound strategic billing representative from home on the Qwest Communications contract.  One of our neighbors walked into our apt in the middle of the night, flipping out and starting crap and a week later a car missed the stop sign across the street from our rental and plowed into the front yard, right where we walked our dogs and would have hit the house if it had not gotten stuck a tree stump in the yard, the driver was drunk at 8pm on a Thursday night.  It was insane.

We moved to a new condo, we decided the area was too dangerous with what happened between the neighbors, the drunk driver, and a complete lack of support from the landlord.  I finished the insanely long training period with Cloud 10 and at the end of the month K & I celebrated our 1st anniversary.  Roomie turned 27, we went clubbing and she ended up in the ER on her birthday for unknown reasons, ER couldn't determine if she was "slipped" something or if she just drank too much with lack of food/rest the couple of days before.

Rommies bf moved in from SC, that lasted a week, they fought, he was talking to other chickies behind her back and threw him out a week later.  I started pulling down serious upgrade sales numbers from C10, and all of a sudden the higher ups in the corp were noticing me, I pretended like it didn't matter and kept on working.

Not much happened, weather started to get warm, I started to spend time on the deck tanning.  K's niece graduated from high school and my brother graduated from college with an associates in film.  I was still working with C10 and doing my thing.

Lots of storms, K turned 34, no power on his birthday, couldn't do anything, well except......but no birthday dinner till after 10pm.  oh well....got nice and tan and kept on plugging away on the computer working.

Karrisa came up from Tampa for a week, had a blast, we spent the 4th up in a cabin in the mountains.  Drank lots of tequila and chilled out catching up.  I got offered a Office/Training supervisor positon with a big book retailer, I took it and left Cloud 10.  Very little training and off I was.

K graduated with a BA in History, still no job prospects though.  Things started to effing suck go downhill with roomie, we were in a different place all of a sudden with nothing in common.  Greys Anatomy & Desperate Housewives started back up along with girls night with my sister.  Work was going and at the end of the month great news our GM was leaving us....Yeah :)

Roomie decided to move back up north and I was left with the daunting task of either finding another roommate or moving to a less expensive place.  Found a few places I liked, didn't want to move though, GM left work, became friends with the AGM and was told her 22 y/o daughter was looking for a place to live.  I said cool, figured I could trust her and in she moved when roomie moved out.

Had to practically beg old roomie to mail back my extra set of car keys, and a few other things.  Got budget cuts at work, had to gear up for the holidays, and down a manager at that, overtime was approved for me thankfully, and work kept on with each request more insane than every other one before that, both from corp and from the customers.  My sister found out she was pregnant :) Yeah woohoo, I'm gonna be an Aunt.  K & I chilled at the house on Halloween, eating the candy I bought for the kids that never came trick or treating.

Finally got my keys & other things back from ex-roomie.  Also found out that she was trying to talk behind my back to my mother & sister, they both shut her down, as did I with a very to the point email.  It was sad, we were good friends, and she decided to turn her back on everything for nothing.  My son turned 10 on the 22nd and we threw him a family birthday party at my parents house, with a 3 tier birthday cake my mother made. We geared up for Black Friday and planned food for the staff on Friday.  I cooked caramel chocolate pies for K's family and spagatti and sweet potato apple bake for work.  We went to my mothers house, his grandmothers house, and then I had to be at work by 8am the next morning.  I also managed to complete all of my Christmas shopping before December this year.  Yeah for me :)

I survived Black Friday, thankfully, we found out we were getting a new GM in a week and our hours were cut again.  We let our seasonal staff go and plowed ahead towards Christmas.  Christmas was great, I was able to spend time with my family and my extended family (K's family).  Because I planned and bought everything early this year, there was no last minute, omg's I forgot, whatever whatever.  My sisters finances birthday was on New Years Eve, and before heading over there for a fun, but quite night, my roomie told me she got promoted and was moving to Chattanooga that day.  No notice and no rent forthcoming....really???who does this??? does she even realize the finincial strain she just put me in??? effing irresponsible!!!  K & I talked about finding another roommate and thats where my New Years resolution came from.  No more roommates, no more having to rely on someone else.  If we cannot afford I can but will be completely broke at the end of each month the rent here, then we need to move somewhere that is more affordable on our incomes so we can pay off our debt and start saving for a house.

Jan 1:
I drove around and looked at a couple of places for rent, and called on a few ads in the paper, I found one I liked and filled out an application.  Took all the Christmas decorations down and went to bed at midnight early, since I had to work at 7am the next day.

We were approved on the smaller, but very nice and much closer to work 2 bedroom 1 1/2 bath townhome in West Knoxville, work was work and typical as usual.  Our move in date is Jan 15, two days after my 30th birthday and I am happy about the move, happy that its almost 300 less than what we pay now and happy that its just going to be me and K and no one else, finally. Well of course my Bella, Frodo, & Midnight are going too.....but no one else us and the pets :)

Till the next time



Anonymous said... January 03, 2010  

It's wild to look back at the year and realize how many things have happened. It always makes me wonder what the new year will bring!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new blog look, but I do not like that the comments are at the top!! What do you mean I have to scroll back up to the begining to leave a fucking comment....

Whatta year!!! But you forgot our 15 year anniversary!!!! :( Did it not mean as much to you??? We've been BFFs for over half of our lives!!!!! How could you????!?!??!?!??!

:) Ps. You'll be 30 in 8 days..... hehehehehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

I get a thousand hugs, from ten thousand lighting bugs!!!

It's a foxy trot above my head, a sock hop beneath my bed...

You would not believe your eyes, if ten million fireflies, lit up the world as I fell asleep. Cause they fill the open air, leave tear drops every where, you make think me rude as I just stop and stare.

You are in rare form tonight my dear :) No I didn't forget our 15 year anniversary, but we didn't even get to celebrate it together :)

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