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Not a day goes by that I don't check my facebook, twitter, email, myspace, blog, 20sb, etc... to update my social following and to read the updates of everyone I follow.  I may not always drop a comment, but I am always checking out whats going on, whether via iPhone or actual computer.  What was once considered a way to keep up with old friends and as a study aid is now one of the largest advertising trends on the market today, Social Networking.

In the past, the only way for people to be involved with social networking was to attend conventions and other functions that were designed for individuals to meet other people.  Thanks to advances in technology and the creation of the internet, there are now online social networking alternatives.  A few benefits with social networking on a business level include the ability to form profitable partnerships and strategic relationships, increased revenue by targeting a specific market, and update both potential customers and employees of upcoming and current events, promotions, etc...

To be successful with social marketing, a few things are needed...
*Current website (this does not have to be a huge 10 thousand dollar site, just informative & easy to navigate)
*Create profiles with all social networking websites, ex. twitter, facebook, linkedin, myspace, etc...
*Build a following that is targeted to your specific customer base
*Update each social profile 3-5 times per day to keep yourself fresh in your followers minds

The hardest thing for any company to do is to update their profiles on a daily basis, there are many services out there that can provide this for a nomial montly fee, and the best one that I have come across is KnoxTweets, this company will setup all social networking profiles and maintain for one low monthly fee.  If you are looking for the perfect form of advertising, then look no further, sign up with KnoxTweets today.

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