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I have noticed, that as the holidays progress, there are more and more assholes floating around.  Its getting to be bad, so I am going to call a few of you out, publically here in my world on "What the Blog".

While working yesterday evening, I was walking by the Childrens section, and noticed a bunch of the toys, scattered outside the Childrens section, into the Independent Reader, Parenthood, & Cooking sections....WTF....I look and see two kids, loudly, playing with yet to be discarded toys, I see the mother quietly reading a book to a toddler in the section, blantely ignoring the loud toy playing ones.  Um hello....did you ever think that maybe...just maybe, if you paid attention to all of your children they would not misbehave in public?  Let me just say, that if my sister & I would have scattered, unbought toys, all over the floor of any store, our mother would have "taken us to the bathroom" and would have spanked us silly.  Since when has it become ok and even acceptable to treat a retail store like its staff is your unlimited babysitter and cleanup crew??  People like this should be sterlized, if you can't take care of what YOU produced, then you don't need to have it!

How come everytime I get on the road to drive anywhere and there is a ton of traffic, no one ever has the common courtsey to let me out?  What they do instead is block the intersections with and without stop lights to keep you from turning.  I don't understand the point in this, its not like they are going to get anywhere any faster in stop and go backed up shopping traffic by letting me out, this is extremely annoying to me, almost as annoying as people who drive dodge caravans.  You are all a bunch of assholes for not having common road courtesy.

I really detest small companies that hire web developers who know nothing about web design & development.  Daily I listen to my numerous web development aquaintances complain about their low paying, unknowing, small business customers.  I always have to wonder, is the headache worth the shitty pay?  Well, I guess it is with the economy in such a bad spot, but the small business owner knows that and pushes the limit with their unreasonable requests, after a contract has been signed and then, wants a refund if something is not able to be coded because it just can't be done or they refuse to pay for a programmer to do something they want done and want a web designer to do instead.  Its mindnumbing assholes in full force.

The blank stare of the people who stare into the store, 1/2 hour before we open, just to ask if they can wait inside cause its cold when I say No.  Its always a no, why someone thinks I will open the store early for any reason is beyond me.  There is a reason why our hours are posted, and really why does anyone need to buy a book at 8:30 instead of 9:00 baffles me...People, you creep me out when you do this, so please just wait in your car if you must arrive before we actually open.

Department store employees....How come any department store I go to, every employee is unhappy, sullen, moody?  I get the bad economy, I get the bad hours, hello I work in retail too, but it seems like everytime I go to any other store than the one I work in, including the other location of the co I work for, no one says hello, no one offers to help, I have to chase someone down to get any help.  Example:  I had to go to Best Buy on Sunday, I was looking for a VGA - DVI adapter for a desktop that lost one of the VGA screws from the back.  It was about 5:30 in the evening, not late by anyones standards, but the store was crowded.  I walk over to the computer dept, no one is around that works at Best Buy, no blue t-shirts anywhere....I look at whats on the shelf and hanging, I find one that might work, but am unsure since the end of the DVI side is covered up.  I ask an HP representative about it, and get the answer "I don't know anything about the cables"....hmmm, so I say "its for a compaq desktop, you being employeed by HP who manufacturers Compaq seriously don't know about the cables and adapters for the computers that you sell?? "No, but I can try and see if there is someone available".  No one is, its busy, I finally get someone to tell me what the adapter end has in it, not the one I am looking for and get directed to the Home Theater Dept because they sell VGA to DVI adapters as well, I walk over, again NO service, but quickly realize Best Buy just does not sell what I need, and since their staff is compromised of a bunch of unknowledgable assholes, I don't think they will ever sell what I need...a decent shopping experience.

Thats all I have for now, haven't left the house today, so nothing has happened yet to warrant me posting about it here.

Till next time - 


As an asshole I can back up what you're saying.

Anonymous said... January 01, 2010  

I totally get what you mean about sullen retail employees. As a retail employee myself, it irks me when I go to another store and I get crappy customer service or the employee is just rude and crabby. I suck it up and smile and go out of my way to help everyone (assholes included) so why, when I go into another store, am I treated as if I were annoying somebody?

Thats exactly how I am too! I can't stand that crap..

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