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Yep so you guessed it, I am one sick bitch, well yes literally, but I am physically sick as well, with a sinus infection. All the snot gods got together and decided that I must be filled to the brim, made to feel sore, and add a dash of fever on top and yep, you get me, woo hoo. The doc said to take the antibiotics (first prescription he gave me was 100 for the generics, WTF, and after I made my sister call to bitch he called in good old amocillyn that cost a reasonable 17 dollars) and to take it easy, I of course decided no can do on the taking it easy part and went to work this morning and will go back again tonight, to make the money I need to pay my bills, that is what sucks about being a waitress, if you don't work, you do not get sick pay or vacation pay, you get nothing.

Uk my fucking nose is running again! Brb blow job break, and not the fun kind.

Ok back to the story and creative birthdays, I have a couple of exteremly good friends, I can name them all on one hand and love them like air, the bunch of them, they are in order of how long I have known them, Karrisa, Andrea, Tina, & Kallay. Andera & Karrisa are a couple, like as in you know, they are, hmm the polite way to say, oh ya duh! gay, lol. So this year has been hard on me, hard on Karrisa & Andrea since their dog had a stroke and goodbye all extra casho, and since we live something like 800 miles from each other, we don't get to see each other all that often. Karrisa & I were born 1 month & 1 day apart, my birthday is next Tuesday on the 13th of Jan, Karrisa's is the 14th of Feb (yes valentines day). I have continued to say that as soon as I have money I will be happily flying to Tampa to visit the two of them, so apparently the only thing Karrisa wants for her birthday is to see me (its been a year since we've seen each other) and guess the fuck what! Andrea is buying me a plane ticket to visit Karrisa for a dual birthday present, smack in the middle of our birthdays. So basically the bottom of this post is that both Karrisa & I think that Andrea is the fucking greatest, why??? you ask, because she knows us only too well, I love her like no tomorrow and am fucking excited beyond excited that we get to spend a weekend together, in like 3 weeks, woohoo!

Love you Andrea & Karrisa

See ya soon

Peace out


Karrisa - aka. red headed yum yum said... January 15, 2009  

I love you too, you sexy bunny!!! I CAN'T FUCKING WAIT!!!!! :) Andrea is the best ever!

Party in Tampa!!!!!

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