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Lets start with Dec 17, I come home from shopping my roommate Kallay is being a bit weird - I have news for you - then she tells me "WE GET TO GO TO THE OUTBACK BOWL, MY MOMS BF IS GIVING US TICKETS AND SHE IS PAYING FOR THE GAS TO TAMPA" OMG what the fuck this is like AWESOME. Just a quick background for you all out there, I am a HUGE UT VOLS FAN. Its disgusting sometimes, and she is a HUGE WI BADGERS FAN. And our teams are playing each other. This is like the best news ever - we quickly agreee no trash talking - and start making plans for the trip to Tampa. So I contact my best friend from high school and tell her that we will be in Tampa for New Years Eve & New Years, mind if I crash at your place, and she of course is totally cool with it and excited about it as well.

Fast Foward to Dec 31, The plan is to leave at 530pm when Kallay gets off work, and we should be in Tampa before midnight since its only a 5-6 hour drive. 7 pm rolls around with me wondering where Kallay is, she shows up two minutes later, found out she got stuck closing at Barnes since the scheduled gril decided she did not want to work New Years Eve (Keep in mind they closed at 6pm that day) Its not like anything is going on at 6 in the evening, but what are you going to do with stupid high schoolers. Anyways, I digress, so we grab our stuff throw it in the car and head out the door, swing by Krogers to grab some champange for when we get into Tampa and are on the interstate by 7:40pm. We get to Karrisa's house exactly 5 hours later (this is AWESOME time by the way) and start drinking. 5am we go to bed, we are up at 7 to go have breakfast with Kalz mom and boyfriend before heading to the stadium. We arrive at the stadium about 9 am and promptly start drinking beer and head in about 10 to watch the players practice.

Its 11am and it is kickoff time for the Outback Bowl :) Needless to say it was an AWESOME GAME. TN won by a great interception in the WI end zone with 30 seconds on the clock. Kalz spent some time with her mom as I headed back to Karrisa's for some much needed rest, I was beat, 2 hours of sleep and drinking all night and all day had taken its toll on me :)

Wednesday Afternoon Jan 2 - We get in the car and realize it does not want to accelerate in the lower gears and have to baby the car on the interstate. Once we get going it is driving fine. Fast foward 3 hours later, we are staring at mile marker 432 on I75 Northbound with a broken down car and the smell that told you something just burnt up, the clutch, and we realize that the trip has taken a bad turn. A few phone calls later, we are freezing our asses off trying to convince a 110lb Hercules that getting in the tow truck is for the best. Finally we head off to the Mazda dealership in Lake City FL, where we drop off the car and the nice Mazda shuttle guy is driving us to the Red Roof Inn a mile down the road so we can spend the night.

Can we discuss "Red Roof Inn" for a min? This is located in between the Best Western & The Hampton Inn in Lake City, now keep in mind we did not have much of a choice of where to stay since we had the dog. Number one, they did not even have wireless internet, number two, the heater sucked in a bad way (it dropped to 16 degrees that night), and number three, it smelled funny in the room. So seedy creepy motel here comes Kallay & Teresa divas wanna be staying with you for the night. So we do what anyone would do without a car, we walked to Bob Evans (layered up in everything we brought clothing wise since it was sooooooo cold) for dinner and then hit the liqour store for a 12 pack. On our way back we stopped by the front desk for shampoo & conditioner since we did not have any with us (we stayed with friends in Tampa, why bring something that they have in the house already) and found out they only have shampoo, no conditioner (what kind of place does not have those little conditioners??). So we go back up to the room and realize that the internet is down (a few hours later find out its down in the entire hotel). So I call next door and the awesome people at Hampton Inn give me their wireless code - yeah! we have internet :). We are happy for a short while in internet land and beer land. At this point we decide that body lotion will do since no conditioner is available. Let me just say something when you get out of the shower and your hair feels like straw, you realize that lotion will not do in a pinch if you have no condidtioner (I make the mental note to always make sure there will be conditioner of my own on any trip I make). Half an hour later I finish brushing out the rats nest that is now my hair and go to bed.

Thursday Morning 9:15am and the phone rings and its the Mazda Dealership (I am praying that the car will be fixed today and early on at that, apparently God is not listening to me today). We find out that it will be 3 - 5 days just to get the parts and also find out that every part of the clutch is burned up, oh and that a price tag of $1300 is tacked on as well. OMG did he really say $1300???? Holy crap we cannot stay here for 3 - 5 days! Kalz quickly makes a phone call and a friend from Sav leaves work to come get us - THANK GOD! We call down to the front desk and ask if we can stay till 130 since that is when our ride should be here from Sav, no no no they say, you have to be out by 1230 but can wait in the lobby, but maam we cannot since we have the dog, oh well that is a shame since you will have to wait outside with him, but its like 30 degrees out side, well i guess i will see you at 1230 is what we get. Yes we did stand outside for about 30 minutes waiting for our ride in 30 degree weather and all our stuff on a motel trolly. Michael rescues us and drives us to the Mazda dealership to get the rest of our stuff out of kalz car and we head back towards Hilton Head. 5 hours later we arrive, with speed limit driving and 4 potty breaks for Hercules we are finally home!

All I can say is that it sure was an interesting trip and that I learned my hair does NOT like lotion......

Peace out - I hope you find this as entertaining reading it as I did writing it.

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