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As my very good friends know, I have been on the lookout for a new "job". Not necessarly in a new field, but something that will support me that I can incorporate with the family business. I love working with my family, but at the same time, I kind of hate it as well. We are always together and being with anyone constantly, no matter how close you are or how well you get along, eventually causes issues. When I moved back up to Knoxville, it was to help out the business anyway I could because of all the financial issues we were having, and help I did, but with the economy in a slump, we are looking at other avenues of bringing in new business.

So I basically came to the decision to write up my resume and send it out and see what happened. Let me start off with the fact that 24k a year before taxes or starting pay at 9 per hour is NOT good money folks. This misconception is amazing to me and I wonder why anyone would think that being an office manager, sales manager, administrative assistant warrants such a small salary. But it is "good" money to some people in Knoxville, how I don't know.

I got one hit on my resume, which I sent out to a Sales Position advertised on Craigs List, an immediate response, in the form of do you want full time or part time work, to which I responded, Full Time, but will take part time if thats all that is available. Then I get one of the best emails I have ever received, that they are looking for someone to head up the day to day operations of multiple retail cell phone stores, for a major reseller that is moving into this area, and that the owners are not moving down from MI, but need to hire someone to take care of everything for them. Oh My God, this job is perfect for me is running through my head, so I call him back and he is going to be in town at the end of this week and can we get together to talk and by the way he says to me, your so far the most comfortable person I have spoken to and are currently my number one choice based on your resume and phone personality. Woo Fucking Hoo.

So now I go through the next few days, wondering, should I really leave the family business full time? We are getting along, is this the right thing for me, do I really want to do this? Doubts arise and worry sets in, but I just keep it all to myself and consider the possibilities. Along comes Thursday and its time to go meet with this guy, my potential new boss, and off to Starbucks I go, nervous as hell, but also excited. This isn't your typical run of the mill everyday opportunity.

His nephew is also there, and both are very nice guys, since their business is also a family owned & operated business, I find out they have 4 stores in MI and a 5th one in NC, plans are to open 3 stores in the coming year here in TN, with the first one to be open in less than a month. I explain my background, explain that my family's company is going in a different direction and that even though I would still work for them on a part time basis, I want to get out there and move my career to the next level. I tell them why they need me, because of my marketing background and knowledge of the area and who is good out here and who is not, and what else I can bring to the table that no one else has. I feel that all is going well, and then they ask the big question, what kind of compensation are you looking for, and I give them my number, and they didnt laugh in my face. They didn't look surprised, he says to me, I have to work the numbers, but that should be doable - Oh My God is running through my head, I ask about where the location of the store is and ask if I could drop by and check it out on Friday, and they give me directions and off I go since another person is supposed to meet with them for an interview.

I worry all night about if I get this job or not, I worry about having to work the numbers, I understand budgets, but what if that chick that walked in after me, what if she said a lower number, an eaiser attainable number for salary, did I just place myself out of the ballpark? I do what any sensible business person would do, I emailed them a thank you note for meeting with me, so I would stay fresh in their minds, and I of course called on Friday to make sure it was still ok to come by the store location, which of course they were agreeable with.

At this point, my sister is the only one who knows about the interview & possibilities, so I decide I need to talk to Deb, my mom about whats going on. I am terrified of having to tell my mom that I might be leaving the family business, terrified she is going to guilt trip me, terrified she isn't going to care. You have to know, I have a slight complex. I have a major issue with failure and we just don't mix, I cannot fail, cannot allow myself to fail, but at the same time, I crave recognition for work I have done, and ya, I am arrogant, and I do tell people what I have accomplished, but fuck, doesn't everyone? I also have a problem with saying no to my family, because I feel like I am FAILING them if I do not completely follow through no matter how much I dislike whatever it may be that is asked of me, so I slighly feel like by leaving the family business, I am giving up on it, even though I'm not and rationally I know that.

So ya, I sit down with my mom, and I tell her about sending my resume out, and tell her I got a hit, and tell her what it is, and she says "Take It" with no hesitation, huh??What?? Um...so you really just don't want me to work for you??? "No, but I can't afford to pay you, and you can't afford not to be paid, and it sounds like a good opportunity, and you just said your still going to do part time work, so take it" end of discussion we go to Starbucks for coffee and I head out to "Halls" an area of Knoxville, north of where I am located.

I get out there meet up with the guys (yes I know I do not metion their names or what company they are with, but I don't want to jinx myself because I don't 100% have this yet), we discuss the location, bullshit around, blah blah blah, I am still nervous about the amount I asked for (even though it is not really a huge amount). I kind of start heading out and say "well just give me a call once you make a decision" and thats when the best ever happens, they reassure me, not only do they want me, but need me, not just for operating their stores, but for marketing the stores through my family business, all their stores, not just the new ones. They tell me why they think I would be perfect for the position (basically cause I'm a ball breaking bitch, in nicer terms of course, and because I can admit to it) and tell me that it is only a matter of working the numbers to meet my expectations as well as their budget, something I totally get. I have a feeling I have this in the bag, so my request to all of you out there in cyberland, who read my blogs, whether this is the first time you are reading my stuff or the millionith, cross your fingers, I should know by Monday the outcome, but hopefully I am moving onward and upward and expanding my horizon and helping not only me, but my family as well - I have a great idea, but until I know more about where I am headed, I cannot divulge my idea (otherwise I would have to kill you)...

Peace for now

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