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Yep, so the all new Intensity Academy website is DONE! Yeah, so we totally revamped this site, added the supa cool deluxe shopping cart and blog, as well as redesigning the flash for the site and mom redoing the bottles for the cart and site. They look amazing. So I just want all my peeps out there to check it out.

The site address is www.intensityacademy.com and if you want to check out the blog its www.intensityacademy.com/blog and if you want the best gourmet sauces around (for an awesome price) the direct link is www.intensityacademy.com/shoppingcart, so yep check it out let me know what you all think, but so you know, her hot sauces are the best out there and she is fast on her way to winning multiple scovies this year. Oh and the label design on the Chup, Chai Thai, Green Tea, Karma, and Chai Cocktail were hand drawn & inked by my mommy dearest :) - shes totally awesome at that shiz, yep so for now, signing off...


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