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This morning, I had to get up at 5:30. Now don't get me wrong, I am a morning person and regularly get up between 6 and 7 daily. I used to be a night person, going to bed at 3, 4, or 5 in the morning, but I grew up. I got a job where I had to work in the mornings and I learned to slowly morph into being a morning person. Most days I don't have a reason to be up so early, but today I had to be at the doctor's by 7:30 and wanted to make sure I had enough time to drink coffee, take a shower, and make myself presentable. I haven't been feeling well the last two days and needed to pad my time so I wouldn't run out. 

As I arrived to the doctors office at 7:30, I felt a little dizzy and uncomfortable, but if you looked at me you would probably tell me I looked good today. I look good most days, and only in the rare case do I "look" as bad as I feel. Today my appointment was with an endocrinologist, to followup on a thyroid nodule seen on a CT Scan while I was in the hospital in March. It was the first time I had been to this kind of doctor or specialty. I also found out that there was still $541 left of our $6000 deductible that had not been met. Goodbye $300 with only 1 cup of coffee in my system and struggling to stand up straight while listening to the lady behind the counter drone on as I hand her my card, just charge it, I'll deal with this at later date.

Amazingly for a first appointment, I was quickly brought back and met with the nurse for the specific doctor I was seeing, She took all my vitals, went over my history, etc.. Then I waited 20 minutes to actually see the doctor, certainly not awesome, but it could and has been so much worse. When he came in, we talked about why I was there, how I have been handling the Myasthenia Gravis medications and then he said it.....

"I want to do a needle biopsy of the nodule on your thyroid"

Um... what?? You want to put a needle in my throat? Hmmm, I don't know about that. He then explained how it will give one of 5 results to the nodule on my thyroid:

1. It will show it is cancer
2. It will show suspicion that it is cancer
3. It will show it is benign
4. It will show it is a-typical
5. It will not be a good biopsy and will have to be redone. 

So, I put on my big girl grin and let him put a needle in my throat. Keep in mind, I was having a "foggy" morning and couldn't remember if it is Novocaine or Lidocaine that is on the MG no no list of medications to take, so I did it with just topical numbing like a boss. I also only had to be stuck 1 time not 2-3 times because I am very good at not moving with a needle in my throat. Just so you know, it hurts to have a needle in your throat. There was a sensation that it was in my ear, so I am hoping the results will be # 3 and nothing will have to be removed, because I feel like it will be painful recovery-wise.

The reason I went ahead and let this guy stick a needle in my neck... I have an appointment next Tuesday with a Cardio-thoracic surgeon to schedule removing my thymus, in results 1, 2, and 4 I will also have to have my thyroid removed, if that happens, I want the ability to ask the surgeon if someone in his practice can also remove my thyroid at the same time. 

I've been home since around 10:30 this morning, and have been in bed the entire day with my laptop and Hulu watching Parks & Recreation since I physically cannot do anymore today. I did think ahead and throw dinner in the crockpot so we would have something to eat tonight. I feel bad, I have brain fog, and it took HOURS to write this post. Here's hoping that tomorrow is a better day. 


Bless you hon. People who don't experience the types of illnesses we have don't fully understand how much we go through daily. Today was not a good day for me either but at least I didn't have a needle stuck in my throat. I applaud your courage. I believe that surpasses any test I have had and I've had some winners. Praying you will feel better soon and that everything goes smoothly.

Sorry you feel bad, I know exactly that's most of my days, I'm here for you, just let me know. Hope you feel better soon

Hoping you will have more strong days than weak. My pattern is so much like yours. Beginning the thyroid testing now. According to blood test, mine is over doing its work. Besides the fatigue that goes with the MG, this makes it even rougher. Not looking forward to the needle in the neck though : (
This road can sure be bumpy. Together we are Strong ❄️

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