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Wednesday October 5th, started off with me getting to sleep in past 6am only because its "annual" day. All women know exactly what that means, uk, but its gotta be done if I want to continue to get those little yellow pills every month called birth control. But the 5th of the month is significant in another way, its the last day of the grace period for rent, before we get hit with a 5% late fee. Poor Kallay is sickly again, but is going to go to the bank and get a counter check for her half of the rent and drop it off to me at work, so I can go and put the rent in the drop box after work.

I email the landlord's secretary to make sure of the location of the drop box, she emails me back with instructions and at 5pm I head over to James White Pkwy (i.e. crappy area of town to be driving through with dark coming on), go up to Hillwood Villa's, and drop my envelope with the rent into the little drop box, the slot being so small that I had to shove a regular size 10 envelope in for it to fit, and I jump back into my truck and head back to the safer areas of Knoxville.

Thursday starts off much the same, get up at 6am, take Bella outside, jump in the shower, down some coffee, go to work and start dealing with idiots who continue to drive their cars with slipping, jerking, and shifting funny transmissions. It is another day of, how much would it cost to rebuild my transmission, hmm well what kind of car do you have, um its a blah blah blah, and what year is it, oh well i think its a 2001, wait no, maybe its a 98 that i bought in 01 and so on and so forth.

About 11:30am I get an email from Cheryl, asking me why I didn't drop the rent off the night before, what the fuck??? Yep, so my landlords secretary is apparently a fucking idiot, I quickly write back and tell her, oh yes I did drop that off, and you must not see it, because I guaran-fucking-tee it is, make sure its not stuck in the smallest rent box slot ever, because i had to shove it in there to get the envelope in. To which I get another email, nope not there, and me thinking what the fuck the entire time, so now I have to cancel a money order, Kallay has to cancel a check, which both cost money, and the money order "review" can take up to 65 days, jesus christ, since I of course do not have the funds for something like having to pay my rent twice they are just going to have to deal with that little issue. I fax over a copy of the original reciept and a copy of the locksmith bill that was deducted for the rent, read my halloween blog for the background on that. Kallay calls the bank and the check is put on alert and I mail out a claim with money gram with a 15 dollar processing fee that is required and put it to rest.

Friday morning, I get another email from Cheryl, I am starting to dread these emails, because all they do is piss me off. Below is her email:

I am sorry about you not having a key for the door.I talked to John on the morning (mon) that I received your message and he told me Trevor was giving you a key so I thought that was taken care of. As far as the rent , we do not have anything set up online for payment.If you do online banking, the bank will send out the check each month. As for the money order, I asked that you send me the receipt stub yesterday( nov 6th) which you did. However, the nomber on the stub and the new money order that you placed in the drop box are a match. Also the date on the money order is the 1st, so you did not get a new money order yesterday. The rent was obviously put in the drop box last night. That does mean a late fee of 5% or 35.50.I have discussed this with Russ and this was the decision made. Also John has your key and will get it to asap. Cheryl

As you can see, not only is her puncation off, she is also insane. I quickly called her up and told her that it is not my fault they lost the rent, and why would I go through all that bullshit from the day before if I had paid the rent? I would have saved the wasted 15 dollars, Kallay would have saved the 33 dollars for canceling a check, and I would have just paid the late fee if that was the case. And ended the call saying no lates fees would be paid.

Yep, so my landlord is an idiot, I am still without a key to the wood & glass door, and I think something is dead in the crawlspace behind my closet, fun fun fun......

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i can't wait until 2008 is over over over. come on 2009!!!!!

Heya, Its Sarah From BestBuy. Im glad you got a new/better job. =)
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