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You know what I hate? Not having money, its starting to annoy me. I can barely afford the necessities let alone the extras. Its a sad day when I have to sell my books (I have hundreds of them) and donate plasma for the 40 bucks I will get from that (yes I know I am helping to save a life, but I am doing it for the cold hard cash, not the satisfaction of helping someone) just to buy some groceries or put some gas in the car. Go to www.kallaydoscope.info for the full expierence of Kallay & Teresa go "plasmaing".

Today I officially join the ranks of blue & tan to work in the administration office of Best Buy answering phones and what. I do agree they need people who are knowledgeable about the products for when people call in, I also can say I have avoided calling Best Buy as much as possible over the years because the phone department is horrible.

Its a nice feeling to know that for some reason (I am actually kind of unsure on this one) that my mother really doesn't want anything to do with me. We got into it on Thursday last week, basically she is pissed at me for telling her how it is, oh well, what am I supposed to do? Lie and say its all gonna be OK, just keep pushing your long term customers off for new ones that may or may not pay more? We have always prided ourselves on being there for the little people & she lost sight of that, and I cannot deal with it anymore. I cannot continue to be pushed into financial ruin, and to depend on my family that is very clearly not there for me. It comes down to the fact that my boyfriend, Kelsey, and my best friends Kallay, Karrisa, & Andrea are there for me and my business associates turned friends Michele, Andrea, & Rick are there for me when it seems my family is not, Thank God for them and their support, otherwise I don't know where I would be.

On a happier note, Kallay & I found the perfect place to live. Yes, we had an apartment, my mothers, that was overpriced for West Knoxville, only 1200 sq 2 bedroom for 915 a month, on the third floor, no elevator and no balcony. 3 bedroom houses in that area go for 1000 - 1100 a month and they have yards & fences....anyways, we found a 100 year old Victorian house that has been split into 5 apartments, we have the top floor, it has all hardwood floors with Berber carpet in the living room, was advertised as a 2 bedroom, but could easily be a 3 bedroom with a small room for an office. The kitchen is smaller, but the bathroom is good sized and has tons of cabinet & storage space, a yard and they are down with the farm, I mean pets, what with my 2 cats & Bella puppy and Kallay with her cat and Herc puppy, we are a loud household most days. All for the low low price of 775 a month and close to everything. We love it. Its probably close to 1800 sq feet and we actually have plenty of room for everything and everyone. We moved in this weekend and I will be posting some pics as soon as we paint the living room & kitchen, yes we are allowed to do as we please as long as its an improvement on the house. It also has a huge front porch to sit on and talk shit about the passing cars, lol. Since its 100 years old, the plugs are all two pronged, we have acquired a plethora of those little adapters and have realized that some of the windows don't have screens, but we love it anyways and for once, it feels like home, not like a place I am temporarily staying in until something better comes along.

All in all, I would be in a much worse place if I didn't have my adopted family consisting of my friends and my boyfriend around me. Like I said before, Thank God for them. Will update you all later on tonight, about Best Buy orientation.....at least I will be making some money to pay the bills, and amazingly they pay better than what I expected...

Peace & Ciao


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