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So today was my first day of the rest of my life......

Yep I started my new job at Best Buy, today was orientation day. I don't have to work again until Saturday and not even till 11 which means I can go out and still be semi alive for "culture day". Yep, its called "culture" day and OK, I get the fact that big corporations like to do the whole "fun training" but seriously what is in store for me with the whole "culture" thing.

That was written the other day, on Wednesday night, it is now Saturday night and I am relaxing after finding out what "culture day" actually is. First off, we overtook the parking lot at Walgreens (since the new store has yet to open we are camping out, I mean borrowing space from the Farragut YMCA) from the lack of parking available at the YMCA, as soon as we got out of our vehicles and up front to sign in everyone was asked to move their vehicles from the Walgreens parking lot to the back of the building....hmmm ok I think to myself, Unorganized!, but ok, I will go move my truck to the grassy/gravelly area behind YMCA cause I do not want to get towed.

I suck down another cigarette and walk on up to the door where I am asked to please write my name on a sticky tag along with the department I will be working in, and Oh Yeah (says some chick who is WAY too happy at 11am on a Saturday) put an action in front of your name that starts with the same letter as your name. Huh?? an action?? I've only had one cup o joe and its Saturday, I don't process anything before 2pm and this is a bit of a problem for me, putting "tired teresa" will make me sound lazy and "terrifing teresa" will make me sound scary, hmmm what other actions can I use? "tall" won't work since I am 5'2 on a good day, the best I can come up with is "twisted teresa" sounds kind of like a band, huh? I get a few odd looks, but hey whatever works right. I go in and realize the entire staff for the new store at Turkey Creet is in there, like 100 people, holy hell, and I have to walk in front of oh I don't know 75% of them to find a seat, which i quickly do and realize there are those brightly colored pipe cleaners on each seat, two for each person, ok thats kind of neat. A current supervior from the Cedar Bluff store sits next to me and I ask what the pipe cleaners are for and she tells me they are there to play with. I must have some kind of odd look on my face as she further explains they to play with so the new employees don't fall asleep while speakers are speaking, basically something to fidget with. Huh, so they expect people to get bored, thats actually a good start.

The GM tells us some stories, we watch some videos, learn some values, and go to break, 50% of the staff are sweet sweet smokers, thank god, no condensending non smoking or smoke free workplace bullshit, this company understands at least 1 basic need (they have yet to master the coffee need). We learn stuff about the company and company policies and hear some funny stories (I am not going to bore you with the details, since the majority of them are not going to stick in my head till I hear them somemore).

We are apparently cheerleaders as well as employees, We learn a couple of funny cheers, get loud and generally have a good time. I am surprised since in my limited dealings with corporate America, there is no fun, there is ONLY the bottom line profit. I also learn that the management depends on the workers like any other company, but realize that nothing would be accomplished without their employees doing their job, therefore their main goal is to make sure the employees are happy and want to work, huh what a great concept, I honestly wonder why most companies don't operate in this manner, but they don't. Management realizes that if an employee is happy then that happiness is going to trickle down to the customer and be reflected in the way that employee interacts with the customer and the customer is going to walk away happy because the employee did their job. Its really is impressive when you think about it.

I realize that this company is very forward thinking and is innovative and constantly changing. I also realize that maybe, just maybe I will be happy working at Best Buy, even though I never saw myself in corporate America with a giant retailer, but here I am, and right now I feel good about it, even though I have yet to be conisdered "full time" due to their hiring policies, but have talked to the managers over me and they are working on it, I still as of now have full time hours, thank god, and know it will stay that way up through the holidays. I am excited for the time when I will be eligible for the profit sharing & the 401K investments offered to employees and for the discounts on products so I will be able to buy some cool gifts for christmas. All it all it has so far been a good experience and all I can do is hope it continues.

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