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Welcome to my world, my concrete box in the sky (my 3rd floor apt with no elevator). Please enjoy the stories that will be added in the future, but please read at your own risk. I do curse, I do speak my mind, I am liberal, I am catholic, I am 28 years old, I am a woman, I work 80+ hours a week, I own a business with my family and we are all Italian, and I believe that everyone is equal, no matter what their race, religion, and orientation are. So if any of what you see in this paragraph offends you, then I apologize, but keep in mind you are not welcome back.

For everyone else - Thanks for coming and please come back anytime.

Index of Players
Bella - 6 pounds of mini long haired dachshund puppy
Frodo - 12 pounds of furry cat - with all her claws
Midnight - 18 pounds of furry cat - with all his claws
Moose Man - Newest addition - 22+ pounds shaved cat - no front claws.....
Mom - am not authorized to reveal her age or weight - 5 feet tall, Sicilian Italian, Shes the president of our company DesignOne.net
Dawn aka Chicken - my sister who is a year younger than me, graphic & flash designer
Dad - Mom rules him as well
Mommom - My 89 year old maternal grandmother - chills in the basement with Cloud her parakeet
Matthew aka "RatMat" - my brother, videographer & photographer
Kelsey - my boyfriend, obtaining a bachelors in History to become a teacher
Karrisa - BFF
Kallay - BFF
Tina - BFF
Dawn G. aka Pork - deemed by my sister one day "shes the other white meat" and the era of her nickname Pork began.

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Hello all and welcome to What the Blog! I am Teresa, or iTeresa, due to the many i products that I have. I blog for one reason, because something happened that I feel should be shared with the world, so go ahead, laugh, giggle, cry, &; scream at the insanity of my life, because once its all said and done...What the Blog!

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